National Patent Analytical Systems, Inc. is a contract manufacturing company with the infrastructure, capacity, expertise, and design capability to manufacture a wide range of electronic instruments and products. Among the major products we manufacture are:

  • Relays, contactors and switch gear for military aircraft, ground power and other applications
  • Infrared breath alcohol analyzers, which utilize the principles of infrared absorption, used in DUI law enforcement, nuclear power plants and other applications
  • Sensors which utilize Doppler radar technology to detect human beings
  • Infrared gas sensors used in the production of microchips

NPAS has a 3000 square foot machine shop and an extensive multifaceted electrical and environmental testing lab. With these capabilities, and a broad inventory of materials on hand, prototyping can occur very quickly, allowing a quick turn toward production, and rapid changes to improve parts.

NPAS has expanded our product environmental testing facility, which enables us to conduct high amperage electrical testing in varying environmental conditions. This is a capability that very few U.S. companies have and is a leap forward in the scientific and production capabilities of our company.



  • Haas CNC Lathe SL10
  • (2) Haas CNC Mini Mill Vertical Mills
  • S-20 Acme cutoff band saw
  • Bridgeport Vertical Mill
  • Sheldon Tool Room Lathe
  • Delta Tool Room Grinder
  • De-burring
  • Presses, various tonnage (3)
  • Annealing Oven 12 X 12 X 14
  • 48” Break
  • 48” Shear
  • Sandblaster


  • Load Testing
  • Environmental Chamber
  • Perkin Elmer FT-IR Paragon 1000


  • Infrared instruments for gas analysis
  • Doppler motion systems
  • Airframe and power contactors and relays up to 600 AMP


  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Software: C Sharp (C#), Windows CE and others
  • Analog
  • Digital