NPAS products are engineered with exact standards to operate safely within the required specifications.  NPAS is certified to ISO 9001:2015 quality standards, and to MIL-STD-790F.  NPAS enjoys DCMA certification for higher level quality and critical application products. This quality control and assurance is required to meet the precise specifications of the products we manufacture. Our processes and procedures are under continuous scrutiny, not only from the U.S. Defense Department, but also the elite prime aerospace and other companies for which we manufacture.  These strict standards enable us to achieve the precision, traceability and quality demanded of us from large manufacturers.

NPAS is at Mansfield (Ohio) Lahm Airport, also home to Mansfield Lahm National Guard Base and the 179th Airlift Wing (179 AW), an Ohio Air National Guard unit. Mansfield is one hour from Department of Defense Supply Center facilities in Columbus and near Wright Patterson AFB near Dayton. Mansfield is part of a very active trade route, giving us efficient access to materials used in production. With 20,000 sq. ft manufacturing plant and extensive lab and testing areas, NPAS prototypes very quickly, and accurately determines the costs of production.

Our engineering team consists of mechanical, electrical and software engineering, as well as other engineering disciplines. We have a reputation for fast response, and adapting quickly to the needs of our customers, whether it is expediting design engineering or prototyping or adopting new protocols.

We Manufacture

  • Relays, contactors and switch gear for military aircraft, ground power, oil and gas, and other applications
  • Infrared breath alcohol analyzers, which are precise instrumentation  used in drunk driving law enforcement, and utilize infrared technology
  • Sensors which utilize Doppler radar technology to detect human beings within a covered zone
  • Infrared gas sensors used in the production of microchips

NPAS has an extensive environmental testing facility, which enables us to conduct high amperage electrical and vibration testing in varying environmental conditions. This is a capability that very few U.S. companies have, and we view this as a leap forward in the scientific and production capabilities of our company.